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Addressing Your Needs: In your 40s

You’ve built a life for yourself both personally and professionally, and may be starting to deal with issues like caring for older parents, preparing for your children’s education, divorce, or a job layoff. We can help you to work through any of these changes and to keep your finances on the right track.

Questions we can help you answer:

  • Is my financial life where it should be?
  • Should I change my retirement investments?
  • What options do I have to save for my children’s education?
  • How can I teach my kids about money and good financial habits?
  • Do I have enough life and disability insurance?
  • What are suitable ways to invest so I can pursue my goals?
  • Am I on track for retirement?
  • What happens to me if my parents get ill or pass away? Do they have life insurance?
  • What happens to my 401k if I change jobs?
  • How do I financially survive my divorce?