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Addressing Your Needs: Starting a family

Having children will bring you joy and challenges. New responsibilities can add pressure to your marriage and your family. You may be considering the purchase of a larger home, if you should start saving for your child’s education, or whether or not to leave your career to stay home with your child. As your financial consultants, we will look at the big picture and guide you as you make these large financial decisions.

Questions we can help you answer:

  • How can we prepare for loss of income?
  • How can we manage our budget?
  • Should we focus on paying off debt, saving for our child’s education, or investing?
  • What is a comprehensive way to save for our child’s education?
  • Will our family be protected in the event of a death or disability?
  • How much life insurance do we need?
  • Can we or should we purchase a larger home to accommodate our growing family?