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Gretchen Meyer

Gretchen Meyer

Financial Consultant, Owner, and President

Gretchen Meyer knows what it's like to be caught off guard from unexpected life events resulting in financial devastation.

She made a vow 15 years ago – that she would never again rely on someone else to provide her with financial confidence and it has become her mission to help other women do the same. Meyer is now owner and president of Gretchen Meyer Financial in Latham, NY, where she and her diverse team of inspiring financial professionals help women of all life stages work towards financial independence.

Gretchen Meyer Financial has developed into a movement much more powerful than Gretchen – or her own struggles. It’s become a calling to empower women to understand their financial options, define their dreams, protect themselves, invest in their future, and ultimately live the life they want.

The company’s consultative approach is shaped by Gretchen’s experiences and what she feels has been missing in the financial planning arena. The team nurtures committed relationships that are mutually respectful where both parties are accountable for success. Gretchen Meyer Financial provides both financial consulting and money life coaching, and, as a result, delivers on transformational wealth management.

Gretchen Meyer Financial serves millions in brokerage and advisory assets through LPL Financial for clients across the US. Gretchen herself is a sought-after speaker for female audiences large and small, on a mission to inspire her listeners to pursue their financial goals, whatever they may be. Prior to starting her own company, Gretchen worked in corporate America as an executive in Manhattan. She received her MBA from Columbia Business School.